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In May by Franz Behr

This elementary level classical style piece, was composed by Franz Behr in the 19th century, who was a lesser-known German composer. Behr wrote songs and salon pieces for piano in the late 19th century. It's simple AABA structure and repeating melodic phrases. It is a great piece to practice sight reading accurately at a faster tempo. Watch the clefs!

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Classical Era

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Bourrée - Lv 1

Felix Le Couppey

This early elementary piece is in the key of G Major and features a steady left hand power chord with a lively dance melody in the RH. Take care to articulate the slurs and crisp staccatos in the phrasing!

Etude in C Major - Lv 1

Op. 125 No. 3 | Anton Diabelli

This early elementary classical piece explores broken and blocked chord positions in C Major at a moderately fast tempo. Suitable sight reading practice for the late elementary pianist!

Das Ballet - Lv 1

Daniel Gottlub Turk

This lovely Classical piece is in the key of D Major, and suitable for the beginning pianist who is ready to try reading of ledger line notes in the middle positions. Aim for a crisp touch in this classical, elegant, dance-like piece. 

View blog tutorial here.

Minuet in F - Lv 1

Leopold Mozart

This Preparatory - Lv 1 piece is a great to work sight reading in triple meter and F major. Staccato markings have been included to guide in where to articulate detached notes. Ledger line notes may be omitted (low Cs) if you are not able to stretch an octave yet. 

Videos of Esther sight reading these pieces are available at her Youtube ChannelSight Reading for Piano Classical era Pieces 

Romantic Era

Free Sheet Music: List

In May - Lv 1

Franz Behr

Franz Behr was a prolific German composer who wrote songs and salon piano pieces. He was not as well-known, but his works did inspire famous composers such as Sergei Rachmaninoff. This elementary level piece of his is a great one to practice reading at a faster tempo!

Cradle Song - Lv 2

Carl Maria von Weber

Weber was considered one of the first significant composers in the Romantic era, and is most famously known for his operatic works even though he was a virtuosic pianist himself. This is a short piece featuring a more complicated LH broken pattern against a RH melody. Try your best to play with the slur articulations as well as the dynamic markings.

Melody in F - Lv 1

Friedrich Baumfelder

This little gem of a piece is set in the key of F Major. Unfortunately, many of Baumfelder's works were lost during World War II. It is a great piece for quick sight reading practice. Work on shaping the long phrases elegantly for a refined sound.

View blog tutorial here. 

Morning Greeting - Lv 1

Cornelius Gurlitt

An early elementary piece that works the reading of broken chords and LH melody. Aim for a clear, balanced tone when the melody shifts into the LH. 

Hopscotch - Lv 3

Louis Streabbog

This is a mid elementary level piece, Op. 63 that challenges reading of ledger lines in the RH and big leaps in the LH. Pick a comfortable tempo to work sight reading practice of this piece, and remember to always look ahead!

Sonatina in G Major - Lv 4

Op. 57 No. 4 | Albert Biehl

This early intermediate level classical style piece, was composed by German composer and teacher,  Albert Biehl. Be sure to pick a comfortable tempo when you attempt to sight read this piece hands together!

Dedication - Lv 5

Enrique Granados

Dedicated to his son, Eduardo, this touching lyrical piece challenges the experience pianist in reading and executing balance of the melody line using the outer fingers of the right hand

Waltz - Lv 8

Robert Schumann

This is a late intermediate level piece, Op. 124 No. 4, from Schumann's Album Leaves (Albumblatter) collection. This short waltz challenges the experience pianist in reading quick left-hand leaps while balancing the melody in single notes and octaves in the soprano voice.

Videos of Esther sight reading these pieces are available at her Youtube ChannelSight Reading for Piano Romantic era Pieces 

20th Century

The Lame Witch Lurking in the Forest - Lv 4

Vladimer Rebikov

This mysterious piece, inspired by Russian folk tales, features reading of same clefs on the grand staff in close hands together positions. The challenge here is to balance the hands well as the melody moves from RH to LH. May the dissonance sounds in this piece make you cringe!

Videos of Esther sight reading these pieces are available at her Youtube ChannelSight reading for Piano 20th Century era Pieces

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