2021 Canada Music Week e-Festival Award Recipients

Updated: Feb 18

Congratulations to student participants receiving performance awards in the 2021 Canada Music Week e-festival!

This annual e-festival brings about a celebration of Canadian music, composers, and artists. It was a great experience working with these students in bringing their music learning to a higher performance level. We received useful feedback from adjudicators to guide us further in developing our art.

Canada Music Week e-Festival Student Gold Award 2021
Gold Award - Miss E performed her own composition, Fire Pixies, inspired by the sights and sounds of Northern Alberta camping experiences

Canada Music Week 2021 Teresa Richert Curious Cat Music Festival
Gold Award - Miss N chose a fun, mischievious piece - "Curious Cat" by Teresa Richert, working ledger line notes and intervallic reading.

Canada Music Week 2021 Festival Student Award
Silver Award - Mr. M chose a bubbly character piece - "Salt Water Taffy" by Janet Gieck, exploring fun hand crossing and staccatos.

Canada Music Week 2021 Student Award
Silver Award - Miss J chose to perform a beautiful song, "Angel" by Canadian artist Sarah McLachlan. She learnt to self-accompany her singing at the piano!

I was just as thrilled to be adjudicating participants who were not my students at this event. Listening to young musicians from all over the nation perform new and favourite works of Canadian composers was very rewarding. I definitely hope to participate as an adjudicator again next year.

Thank you, young pianists, for all your hard work, willingness to learn, perform and celebrate music of Canadian origin. Bravo!

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