Melody in F - Sight Reading a Late Romantic Elementary Piece

Updated: Aug 10

This week, we are featuring a melodious little piece composed by German composer, pianist and conductor, Friedrich Baumfelder, who was a very well-known composer during his time (1836 - 1916).

This piece was composed during the 'Late Romantic period', a time where composers of music pushed the limits of of classical rules and produced music at the peak of emotional content and expression.

Unfortunately, many of Baumfelder's works were destroyed during World War II. He is relatively unknown because of this, apart from little gems like these that stood the test of time and history.

Melody in F by Baumfelder is great for exploring shaping long phrases in the right hand, while balancing a broken pattern in the left hand using forearm rotation technique. It is a great quick study for sight reading practice if you are a mid-late elementary piano player.

Friedrich Baumfelder is a lesser known German composer and pianist in today's modern world. Many of his works were destroyed in World War II.

Sight Reading Tip