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Last updated: 18 Jan 2021


The academic year begins after Labour Day weekend and continues to the second week of June. Lessons are scheduled for once a week. There will be up to two group lessons which are performance workshops or masterclasses in lieu of private lessons. There will be one (1) recital, typically in June. 

Drop-off & Entering ​

  • If parent/guardian or student arrive not well or has flu-like symptoms, they will be directed to return home. Lesson is considered cancelled (see missed lesson policy below).  

  • Hand sanitizing stations are available for students to use.

  • We follow direction given by the province and Association of Registered Music Teachers (ARMTA) on non-medical mask use and social distancing measures.

​Personal Hygiene

  • Fingernails are to be trimmed for lessons. Proper finger/hand posture at the piano keys cannot be achieved with long fingernails and can result in arm/hand strain or injury in the long term with the incorrect posture. A rule of thumb is the fingernail should not go past the fleshy tip of the finger. 

  • Always exhibit good respiratory etiquette such as coughing/sneezing into elbow or tissue.

Home Instrument

As the teacher meets the student once a week, a student's lesson can only be successful if he/she have the opportunity to explore the ideas at their own piano in the home. Lessons are not supervised practice sessions, and this adds to the compelling argument of investing in a suitable piano for the home when you commit to lessons.

For digital pianos, we highly recommend 88-keys, weighted keys even as a beginner. Please note a keyboard is not a digital piano. This important detail is crucial for finger strength and full tone (aural) development. Upgrading to an acoustic or graded-hammer-weight-action keys digital piano is recommended for committed students. For more information, you can contact Esther to learn more about purchasing or upgrading your piano.


  • Tuition is assessed in two terms for the academic year, i.e. Fall (Sep-Dec) and Winter/Spring (Jan-June). 

  • There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $55.00 for each academic year (Sep - June). This fee covers supplement lesson materials, and other administration costs. Siblings are assessed at $10.00 each additional pax. This fee is not inclusive of festival/examination registration and books/resources under the conservatory graded syllabus (RCM or CC).

  • Registration must be confirmed with payment, and can be made using credit card or e-transfer.

Missed Lesson

  • Attendance is mandatory.

  • Each student is allowed a maximum of TWO (2) replacement lessons in the academic year when Private Lessons will be missed with sufficient Notice of Absence.​ Notice of Absence must be given at least 24 hours in advance to arrange a replacement lesson.

  • Notice of Absence less than 24 hours can only have a replacement arranged in the form of an Online Lesson at the regular scheduled lesson time.

  • Lesson is considered cancelled for no-shows and once 10 minutes have elapsed with no correspondence/notice. 

  • All lessons missed by the teacher will be replaced. 

  • There will be no replacement private lesson for individual(s) absent in Group Lessons, Masterclasses, Workshops and/or Recitals. 


Registered students who wish to withdraw or discontinue lessons must provide a minimum 2 weeks (14 days) notice. Any remaining balance of paid tuition will be refunded.

Library Books

Part of the wonders of learning to read music is the ability to explore a vast world library of music books/sheets. Students are allowed to borrow one book at a time from our studio's library. Books must be brought to each lesson. Any lost, damaged, torn, water damage, pen markings will incur a penalty fee. Please be aware copyright law applies for all books/printed materials.


All students are encouraged to participate in examinations or music festivals. Examination registration fees and resources/books are separate from tuition fees. Examinations typically takes place in June, but alternative schedules can be arranged as long as the student is ready and committed. Please note once registered, dates cannot be changed. All students are encouraged to sit for examinations either with The Royal Conservatory Music (RCM) or Conservatory Canada (CC). For more information, please discuss with the teacher.  

Good Conduct & Behaviour

We maintain an open, respectful communication with students and families. Under no circumstances we will tolerate verbal abuse, discrimination or any form of violence. We reserve the right to refuse to teach should this situation occur. 

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